Beat Child Cancer Giving Day – November 15, 2021
Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation

Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF) held their inaugural Beat Child Cancer Matched Giving Day on November 15th and raised over $109,000 for the important cancer research they conduct.

CLCRF utilised the 24 hour, turbocharged Giving Day campaign to not only raise vital funds from their community supporters, but also to
• generate awareness and acquire new donors
• re-engage lapsed donors
• create a major donor pipeline
• and bring together everyone in the organisation

Major Donors and Matching:

While this was the first year CLCRF has held a Giving Day, they were able to approach and onboard many major donors.

The corporates, foundations, and individuals who matched donations for Beat Child Cancer Giving Day were excited to have their funds used to leverage community donations through the Matched Giving model.

In turn, members of the community were happy to see their impact doubled.

Campaign Branding:

CLCRF created strong, eye catching brand for the Beat Child Cancer Giving Day which they will be able to continue using year on year.

The use of appealing graphics, as well as key messaging points kept supporters interested in the Giving Day during its lead up. CLCRF also opted for a vanity URL,, which reinforced the brand and was easy for supporters to remember.

Communication with Supporters:

CLCRF communicated with their existing supporters through a number of avenues, including emails and SMS messages sent at key milestones during the lead up to the Giving Day.

With the support of mycause, CLCRF was able to track the results of each email and SMS they sent to their database. This allowed CLCRF to see the effectiveness of each of their Beat Child Cancer Giving Day communications and therefore tailor them to better suit their audience for all future campaigns and appeals.

Social Media:

As well as their other forms of communication, CLCRF also engaged with their audience through social media. This included potential new supporters.

By keeping their messaging consistent during the two week campaign period, and implementing their Beat Child Cancer brand graphics, CLCRF got a lot of traction on both Instagram and Facebook.

On the day of their Giving Day CLCRF also added to their social media stories often to build excitement and encourage donations.


After sorting through their database and assessing their demographic, CLCRF added a phone-a-thon element to Beat Child Cancer Giving Day. An HQ was established in their office’s boardroom and both staff and volunteers spent the day making calls.

The phone-a-thon was successful in obtaining donations that may not have been made if not for the phone calls. However, the bigger success was the bonding and camaraderie experienced by the entire CLCRF team, thanks to a fun atmosphere, common goal, and great Giving Day result.

Over the two weeks leading up to Beat Child Cancer Giving Day, and on the day itself, Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation’s use of mycause’s recommended multi channel approach resulted in a highly successful campaign which raised a grand total of