Matched Giving Day Case Study

A Giving Day is a vibrant, 24-hour fundraising event where every donation is amplified through matched giving. This concept turns charitable giving into an exciting and rewarding experience. Beginning with a two-week lead-up, the event is designed to spark enthusiasm and gather a community of both new and existing supporters.

This case study provides an insightful look into how effective communication and engaging activities can lead to a successful Giving Day. It showcases the power of these events in attracting new donors, reinvigorating the commitment of major and longtime supporters, raising awareness for important causes, and achieving ambitious donation targets.

The Campaign: Double The Love

The “Double the Love” campaign was an inspiring fundraising effort launched by St Kilda Mums,  a compassionate and community-driven charity that has long been dedicated to supporting families with young children through their innovative approach to rehoming donated nursery equipment and clothing. This campaign was a heartfelt response to the growing needs of families grappling with the escalating cost of living, focusing on providing winter essentials for children who outgrow their clothing and for newborns in need of a warm, safe start in life.

At the heart of this campaign was the compelling promise to double each donation, effectively transforming every dollar given into twice its value. This innovative approach not only incentivised giving but also amplified the impact of each contribution.

The campaign’s success hinged on its effective communication and heartfelt storytelling. By highlighting the real-life challenges faced by families and children, the campaign created a strong emotional connection with potential donors. This was further reinforced by the message that every contribution, no matter the size, would make a significant difference in someone’s life – a message that resonated deeply with their donors.

In addition to its impactful messaging, the campaign was also supported by the generosity of matching partners, who doubled the donations, thereby ensuring that St Kilda Mums could reach its goal and provide much-needed assistance to families during the winter season.

The “Double the Love” campaign serves as a powerful example of how a well-planned and heartfelt fundraising effort can bring a community together to support a common cause, demonstrating the significant difference that can be made when people unite to help those in need.

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