Case Study: Scrapheap Adventure Ride

The Scrapheap Adventure Ride is a unique fundraising event which involves motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country purchasing a bike for no more than $1000 and doing it up for an adventure ride through the Aussie outback, all while raising awareness and funds to support people with Down Syndrome.

The ride has been a staple of the Down Syndrome Australia annual fundraising calendar since its inception in 2010, and when the fundraising element of the event moved online in 2016 it began bringing in tens of thousands in donations each year, with more riders getting involved and bringing teams along to join them.

Hosting the event through mycause has allowed Scrapheap Adventure Ride to take registrations for different activities within an event, sell merchandise, provide information, and obtain all participant and donor data, so that every event is better than the last. The set up process is quick as each year the event manager creates the settings, and then mycause replicates the landing page to keep branding consistent.

A customisable automatic communication cycle gives participants a sense of accomplishment and validation with little to no effort on the event manager’s part, and instant email receipting for registration fees and donations keep admin work to a minimum.

Participants can register as individuals or as teams, and get a branded, shareable fundraising page created for them through the mycause system. All pages are attached to the event, where they appear in leaderboards, and are easily found using a search function. All this makes participating, fundraising, and donating simple.

In the past three years, Scrapheap Adventure Ride has also implemented mycause’s white label solution, so the event website link is fully branded, and can be moved from a previous year’s event to the current one. Maintaining the same URL year upon year helps with brand recognition and makes it easier for returning participants to find the event.

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