Flying Doctor Day – May 17, 2021
Royal Flying Doctor Service WA

On May 17th Royal Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia, with the support of mycause, ran their first annual Matched Giving Day and raised over $629,000 for the vital work they do, caring for the rural communities of Western Australia.

A Giving Day is a 24-hour multi-channel online fundraising event designed to bring together current and new supporters to:
•generate awareness
•acquire new donors
•raise money to support your work

RFDS WA was able to leverage community donations by matching dollar for dollar thanks to their generous matching partners. RFDS WA has cultivated their relationships with these partners in the lead up to the campaign to get the most from them this year, and to keep them as matchers for following years.

A benefit of adding a matching component to a Giving Day is the gamification of the dollar values. When donors select or enter a donation amount and see their amount doubled, they get excited and try different donation amounts to see the matching multiplier in action. Many supporters choose to donate larger amounts due to their donation being matched.

A key component of making Flying Doctor Day successful was the beautiful translation of the campaign concept to the campaign graphics. The graphics, which were designed with RFDS WA’s target audience in mind, gave life and vibrancy to the campaign page and therefore encouraged supporters to donate.

eDM and Direct Mail:
Direct communication with the existing donor database is important to retain supporters. For Flying Doctor Day, RFDS WA decided to send both physical direct mail and emails to their list. Many of RFDS WA’s supporters are used to receiving direct mail and responded well, making up almost 50% of donations.

Sending eDM’s at key times during the campaign not only informs supporters of campaign goals, matching and more, but also ensures past donors who have not provided a home address know about Flying Doctor Day. mycause provided UTM codes for each eDM which allowed for eCommerce tracking with great data that informs future campaigns.

By including both printed ads in a local newspaper and a digital homepage takeover on a news site, RFDS WA increased their reach further than their existing donor data. Advertising through different media allows for a wider audience to view the campaign as diverse demographics respond to different communications.

By including the QR code on their print ads, RFDS WA made donating easier and therefore received donations they might not have otherwise. mycause also put UTM tracking codes behind the QR code so RFDS WA would know where each of their donations came from.

Social Media:
Just as advertising placed in various locations attracts more potential donors to a campaign, so does social media. RFDS WA posted images, campaign graphics and videos to their social media accounts almost every day in the two weeks leading up to their campaign, giving more information on the work they do and how donations help.

They also posted many times throughout Flying Doctor Day, as well as updating their Instagram and Facebook Stories, to increase excitement on the day and be at the forefront of people’s minds.

RFDS WA utilised champions for their Matched Giving Day. Champions are individuals or groups with healthy networks who can share their own fundraising page linked to the campaign in order to increase your reach and help you raise more money. Thanks to their champions, RFDS WA started off their Giving Day over a third of the way funded.

Over the two weeks leading up to Flying Doctor Day, and on the day itself, Royal Flying Doctor Service WA’s use of mycause’s recommended multi channel approach resulted in a highly successful campaign which reached new people and converted them to donors, culminating in a grand total raised of