Anyone can make a long-lasting difference by creating a team or even starting an event to help the people – and causes – close to their heart. mycause hosts a range of events each year, ranging from local community walks to nationwide charity spectacles.


Crowdfunding campaigns

Smarter, quicker and efficient fundraising and crowdfunding with mycause.

Whether you are seeking donations for a club project, equipment or for a charity cause, we have the donation and crowdfunding tools to get your fundraiser off and running.

Plan and start your campaign today.


Help a family

Sometimes in life, we come across some of the most challenging moments. Tragic events like accidents or illness can affect the well being of your club members and their families.

However, you can ease some of the burden and support a member of your community with a personal crowdfunding campaign. Support someone who is battling an illness or needs life saving medical assistance.

Fundraise for a charity

Supporting a local charity through your club is a great way to give back to the community.

Choose from over 2,500 Australian charities and fundraise for a charity cause that has a link to your club.

Also, are you thinking about joining a mass participation event and want to raise funds for your club or charity?

Now you can with mycause piggy back events. Send a club member, ambassador or a team to participate in the next fun run, bike ride or obstacle event to raise money for your club!

Not a club partner?