Compare the Market: Donation forms and widgets

Technology has paved the way for easy and efficient online giving.

Your charity or club or NFP can now place donation forms and widgets anywhere on your website to increase donor engagement and without having to drive the traffic elsewhere.

There are many platforms that offer donation widgets and forms, so to avoid indecision we’ll be comparing the market’s leading fundraising tools for you


mycause offers three unique ways you can encourage donations on your website through a:

  • donation form
  • donation widget
  • donation link

Payment is fast and PCI secure with no Stripe or third-party gateway needed thanks to our link with Braintree, the global leaders in data security.

There is also a choice for your potential donor to give once or monthly to encourage ongoing support.

All 3 options include loads of features:

  • 0% platform fee
  • Fully customisable with colours for fields and rollovers
  • Customisable thank you page and receipting
  • Customisable drop-down menus, tick boxes and fields
  • Add labels and images to dollar handles
  • Street address data collection option
  • ‘In honour of’ data section
  • Regular Giving up-sell
  • Regular Giving dedicated widget
  • Web hooks/API for your data
  • Apple Pay standard


eTapestry is a cloud fundraising software for small and growing nonprofits.

Pro: They offer donation forms on their platform with basic features that is user friendly and good for data collection.

Con: eTapestry’s basic form design lacks customisation features and does little for an organisation’s branding and colours to stand out on the form.

In addition, it does not have the capability to add multiple segments or custom fields.

Possibly the ugliest form on the market with no updates for many years


GiveNow is an Australian online giving platform for charities.

Pro: They offer forms that can be embedded directly on websites with a once-off or regular giving option.

Con: Minimal design features on the form with no option to change Givenow’s brand colours on the buttons.

The only customisation allowed is changing the cover photo.

The basic design does not allow custom fields, questions or dollar handles.


American-based platform, Donorbox was found in 2014 as a WordPress plugin.

Pro: Donorbox offers embeddable widgets and buttons in different currencies and languages for an international audience.

Con: Minimalist design that lacks in branding and design customisations. Expect little to no support if you’re using the free version.

Donation forms and widgets are a great tool for any charity or organisation’s fundraising goal.

If you’re looking for a platform that does it all, mycause may be the better choice for you.

Pro: Choose from three unique options for your website: widget, form or link.

Pro: Gain complete control over your fundraising by utilising the custom design and branding features as well as advanced donor data available in just one click.

Pro: You will pay 0% platform fee and have access to support 24/7, by sending us a help desk ticket or calling our direct line to speak to one of our fundraising experts.

Looking to add a donation form on your website? Find out more about our donation tools HERE.

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