Donation appeals & Crowdfunding campaigns

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Donation Appeal

Safe, secure, free and stunning fundraising campaign pages for your donors to donate to your cause with ease. A mycause donation campaign page is the perfect solution for your donation appeal whether for a charity or not-for-profit appeal. Fundraise for a project, EOFY, or other requirements in order that you can continue to provide your service or mission.


Matched Giving Campaign

Want to raise more in less time? Now you can with the mycause 24-hour rush fundraising appeal. See every dollar matched and every donation maximised. Connect community donors with your corporate supporters for 24-hours and see your donations skyrocket.


Pledge Campaign

It’s all or nothing. Donors pledge to your campaign so their credit cards are not charged just yet. You have to reach your full amount or you receive all funds. Pledge campaigns are perfect for testing a new concept with your supporters.

Donation Appeal

An online crowdfunding campaign is a real game-changer for charities. Compared with mail based campaigns or tin rattling which are complicated and time costly, having a free fundraising appeal on mycause is easy and stress free.

A mycause Donation Appeal with 0% platform fees is simple to share online via social media and email, provides you with clean donor data, and contains a secure donation form with funds sent directly to your bank account.

Matched Giving Campaign

The mycause 24-hour annual giving day allows your existing big donors, such as sponsors, philanthropists and corporate donors to give more by dollar matching smaller donations from the community.

This type of campaign is a great way to engage and excite your community donors by reaching them through multiple channels and showing them how their impact could be multiplied.

A Matched Giving Day not only helps you raise the money you need, it is also a branding exercise, a team building opportunity, a donor acquisition campaign and the best way to clean your data.

Pledge Campaign

Uniquely mycause, a pledge campaign only charges your supporters credit cards when the campaign target has been reached.

Add credibility to your campaign
Incentivise donors with rewards
Test support for your concepts

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