Matched Giving Campaign

Want to raise more in less time? Now you can with the mycause 24-hour rush. See every dollar matched and every donation maximised. Connect community donors with your corporate supporters for 24-hours and see your donations skyrocket.

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Donation Appeal

Safe, secure and stunning campaign pages for your donors to donate to your cause with ease. A mycause donation appeal is perfect for a charity or not-for-profit appeal and fundraisers for a project, service or equipment for your organisation.


Pledge Campaign

Its all or nothing. Donors pledge to your campaign so their credit cards are not charged just yet. You have to reach your full amount or you receive 0 funds. Pledge campaigns are perfect for testing a new concept with your supporters.

Matched Giving Campaign

The mycause 24-hour annual giving day allows your existing big donors, such as sponsors, philanthropists and corporate donors to give more by dollar matching smaller donations from the community.

What’s in for the donor?

This makes the donor feel great and donate more, because they are assured that their donation will be matched by 2, 3 or 4 other bodies.

So what’s in it for the matchers?

Their pledge is only collected if the rush target is met. Matchers will work with hundreds and thousands of community donors, thus giving them the recognition they deserve. Our 24-hour rush connects community donors with larger matchers for a team and goal oriented campaign.

Donation Appeal

A crowdfunding campaign can be a game-changer within society, raise awareness around an important societal issue or change lives for the better.

A mycause Donation Appeal shines a light on concerns faced by everyday Australians by raising funds, encouraging debate around topics and providing an opportunity for voices to be heard. This can result in legislation being changed, families having support in their time of need and local sporting clubs getting a life-saving defibrillator for players on the pitch.

Pledge Campaign

Uniquely mycause, a pledge campaign only charges your supporters credit cards when the campaign target has been reached.

Add credibility to your campaign
Incentivise donors with rewards
Test support for your concepts