Fundraising Badges: More motivation!

Discover more motivation with mycause fundraising badges. Peer to peer fundraisers can now earn badges on mycause! They’ll earn badges for hitting 50% or 100% of the fundraising goal. Reaching 20 or more donations will also earn a badge. Badges appear on individual or team event pages once the milestone is completed.

Fundraising badges are a fun way to motivate donors to support your charity or school. They also motivate fundraisers to achieve targets. Badges act as a powerful incentive, reward, or ‘badge of honour’ and recognition. They are an increasingly popular way to gamify fundraising.

Gamifying Fundraising: The power of badges

Gamification in fundraising is very effective. It involves applying game techniques such as unlocking a reward. Supporters find this interactive experience very engaging. Badges are simply one aspect of gamification.

Badges can be used to encourage fundraisers to strive harder for donations. They are also a tool to show support, loyalty and commitment. Badges recognise those going above and beyond in their efforts.

The shareability of fundraising badges

The shareability of badges turns them into a promotional tool. They are an effective way to spread awareness of a cause, event, or organisation across many channels.

Each mycause badge is coloured to match the event branding. This gives great results when sharing images alongside campaign collateral. It provides a unified visual identity for the cause. It also makes it easier for people to identify the event or organisation. Branded badges can even help create a sense of solidarity among fundraisers and donors.

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