mycause – the only Australian fundraising platform for Australian charities

Fundraising is vital for every Australian charity, because without charity fundraising they would not function. If charities cannot function, they are not able to help all of the people and causes they do.

Choosing a great crowdfunding platform is important because the right platform provides much more than just a donation form, they also give the best rates and valuable support. These things which mycause considers to be a core part of the platform’s service are what makes mycause the best, and only, Australian fundraising platform for Australian charities.

Australian charities need to adapt quickly to the current social, and technological climate. This means going online for their fundraising activities. Thankfully, mycause allows for a seamless transition to online crowdfunding. With products such as virtual events, regular giving, donation appeals, donation gift cards and embedded donation forms, to name a few, every Australian charity can continue their crowdfunding efforts online with ease.

The wide range of fundraising products mycause offers to suit every fundraising need are just the tip of the iceberg. As the first crowdfunding platform in Australia, mycause has years of fundraising experience which translates to the best advice. Furthermore, as mycause is Australian owned and operated, charity partners can easily contact the friendly support staff via email or phone.

At mycause, we strive to make fundraising for Australian charities as easy as possible. This means that the platform is always evolving, based on the suggestions of those who use it; our charity partners. We believe that crowdfunding should be a simple process and value the feedback received from our users.

Aside from all of these reasons to choose mycause as the fundraising platform for your Australian charity, it is important to note that mycause is the only truly Australian fundraising platform, and therefore the only fundraising platform to consider.

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