quick, easy, mobile fundraising for your community supporters to get sponsored or request donations from friends, family and work mates


Campaign creators create an online fundraising page and get sponsored for the cause. Any activity will do including run, ride, swim, hike, jump. Donors can leave a message and are immediately receipted. Mycause sends funds raised to the beneficiary charity.

In lieu of gifts

Peer to peer fundraising is perfect to request donations in lieu of gifts for a celebration, an occasion or in memory. All donors are receipted. Campaign creators simply print the page link on an invitation or circulate it by email or social media.

Piggyback events

Boost your peer to peer activity by creating piggy back events in mass participation events. Save time and effort  – don’t create an event – piggy back off an event that already exists. Your marketing will drive campaign creators to your landing page to start fundraising.

Charity + personal cause

Campaign creators can raise money for expenses that are not tax deductible like trip costs and their charity at the same time. Perfect for charity hikes and trips

Split charities

Fundraise for more than one charity on one campaign. mycause will split funds 50/50 or other for you and ensure the correct funds get to the correct beneficiary and all donors are correctly receipted with a tax receipt.

In Memory

A campaign, challenge or donation in memory of a loved one who passed away. The community are able to honour the memory of a loved one and continue to support their cause.

The fundraising platform empowering the community through more peer to peer fundraising tools