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With fantastic customer service, media support and a responsive website, mycause is far from just being a donate now button. Our Australian owned and operated platform will help elevate your campaign to help you reach your targets and goals. Your mycause political campaign can be branded and personalised with ease – feature packed as our platform allows you to upload text, video and photographs onto your campaign to show exactly who is raising funds and what for.

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*mycause is compliant with the Commonwealth Electoral Act (1918) and can tailor campaigns to suit each state or territory.

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Transparency in your campaign

It is very important that your campaign is transparent and compliant, with clear goals and easy to understand information. This is critical for your donors and for compliance with the AEC regulations. All donors will be asked for their personal contact data including street address to comply. All data is securely stored.
To ensure people donate to your campaign , clearly state how the funds will be used. Write up a paragraph or some dot points clearly explaining how much you need and how it will be utilised within your election campaign. Also regularly update your crowdfunding campaign page using the mycause quick update function.

Communicate with your constituents

With new channels of communication – digital media – you will be able to reach the people who may not have the time to attend your political events, or aren’t close enough during a day spent knocking on doors and talking to locals.  One of the best elements about online crowdfunding is that it opens up the lines of communication between political candidates and members of the public. It is an ideal way to discuss local issues with constituents and convince them that you are worthy of their vote come election time.

Crowdfund for an important local issue

Politicians don’t always crowdfund for an upcoming election or for political donations – in some cases, they may create a crowdfunding campaign to construct a playground or improve a local building within their community. This can be a great way for politicians to show their constituents how they are trying to help the community. It also shows people that a politician is aware of an issue facing their constituents and is willing to help them out in new and innovative ways.

Political fundraising

Some of Australia’s well known politicians and political parties had launched crowdfunding campaigns during the Australian federal elections – in hopes of raising enough funds to campaign in local, state and federal elections.

Political crowdfunding or online fundraising for a political campaign is an innovative method of raising funds from public donors, because crowdfunding facilitates the collection of money either in small amounts that have been raised by many ordinary Australians – people who care for their electorate or want to show support for a particular candidate.

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