Product Update: Network Tokenisation

Regular Giving just got easier

mycause is passionate about making fundraising as easy for you as possible, so we’re happy to announce that we have integrated Network Tokenisation into our platform.

What is Network Tokenisation?

Network Tokenisation enhances card management by automatically updating card details. Traditionally whenever a card number was updated, reissued, stolen, or lost the burden was on the cardholder to update their card details before using the card.

With Network Tokens, any update from a card issuer is passed through the card network and updated in mycause’s Braintree vault.

So now when a cardholder goes to checkout, the updated card/token is ready to use and can help avoid a failed transaction which may lead to churn or card abandonment.

This means that your regular gifts will update automatically! No need to contact donors or update payment method when their card expires.

Consequently, recurring gifts are updated without any need for donor contact or payment method changes upon card expiration.

Next steps
Network Tokenisation has already been applied to all of your regular gifts, you don’t need to lift a finger!

You can see your regular donors by downloading either the ‘regular giving transaction & status’ or ‘regular giving new this month’ reports.

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