Regular Giving Made Easy

Regular Giving is a fantastic way for your dedicated supporters to continually give back to your charity’s mission for the long-term.

At mycause, we’ve introduced regular giving for years now and we’re excited to be launching our LATEST feature.

Introducing the mycause regular giving widget!

Regular Giving Widget

With greater donation experience in mind, this unique and seamless tool enables supporters to choose how often and how much they would like to donate all in the click of a button.

It is completely customisable so you can add your brand colours, logos, and specific dollar handles.

The regular giving widget can also be strategically placed anywhere on your website for your supporters to instantly see without having to drive traffic elsewhere!

Payment is fast and secure with no Stripe or third party gateway needed thanks to our link with Braintree, the global leaders in data security.

With all the fill-out boxes in one place, it’s a very efficient tool for your potential donors to sign up and start their regular giving journey with your cause.

The regular giving widget includes loads of features:

Other Features

Let your donors choose how often they would like to give.

In your regular giving widget, you can either lock the donation frequency to a specific value of your choice or provide a dropdown box for donors to select their desired frequency from the options you offer.

Allow the donor to choose an end date . This feature is used for pledges for example: Donate $1000 over 10 weeks  at $100 per week.

Interested to know more? Lets have a chat

Interested to know more? Lets have a chat

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