Run-a-thon, walk-a-thon or swim-a-thon. It’s your event, your way with mycause events.

Pre created event templates
Registration and fundraising
Merchandise & ticketing
Privacy controls for students
Fundraising Pages for each student or class
Pre upload fundraising pages per class option
All funds receipted and transferred

We make fundraising events simply easy and effective.

Matched Giving Day Campaigns

Need to raise money for equipment or a project in an effective & strategic way and in a short time frame?

We all love a bake sale, but it’s time to get super savvy and start a mycause matched giving campaign.

We have the donation and crowdfunding tools to get your next fundraising campaign off and running before the end of school bell rings!

Help a family

Sometimes in life, we come across some of the most challenging moments. Tragic events like accidents or illness can deeply affect your staff, students and their families.

Ease some of the burden and support a member of your school community with a personal crowdfunding campaign. Support someone who is battling an illness or needs support when bereaved.

Fundraise for a charity

Causefunding has the power to change lives and
inspire entire communities.

Raise money for a local cause or a local charity.
Create social responsibility among your student body
With all donations securely processed and receipted, all you need to do is start now and make a difference.

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