Seamless Fundraising Merchandise Stores

Selling fundraising merchandise online for your event? Great news! It’s now even easier to manage your fundraising merchandise store with mycause. We’ve linked merchandise management to our drag-and-drop website builder for truly a seamless experience.

You can also now group items in your fundraising merchandise store. This helps when offering a large selection. Managing large varieties of merchandise is now much easier. Importantly, it also streamlines your supporters’ experience when shopping in your online store.

Merchandise stores for promotion or fundraising

Online fundraising merchandise stores are becoming more popular. They are useful to help raise extra funds, promote an event, or simply raise awareness of your cause or mission. If you haven’t got one, it makes sense to get started. There has been a dramatic increase in online shopping and speedy delivery times. Fundraising merchandise stores are also a great way to get merchandise out to a larger audience and help you increase your supporter base.

When you create your own merchandise store, you can choose to sell real or virtual items. Then, simply link the store to your website, blog, or mycause event. mycause allows you to choose whether you’ll be charging an extra donation for the item or not.

Tips for Fundraising Merchandise Success

Make sure you have a good selection of merchandise in your store. It should relate to your cause or appeal to your target audience. You can now group these items for easy shopping!

Add attractive, eye-catching images. Also, add descriptions of your items to make them stand out.

Make sure the process is quick and easy. Sell merchandise in one seamless process during the event registration. Then add the store link to your event landing page.

Promote your store through social media and your own website! It’s a surefire way to get more reach and have more people know your cause.

Monitor and track sales. You’ll need to identify trends and make improvements. mycause merchandise store analytics are quick and easy. You’ll find downloadable reports at your fingertips.

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