Our range of options, from sms giving, to giftcards and pledges will power up your donate button – not simply a ‘donate now’ button.

Your very own fast, secure and device responsive donate now button. The mycause donate now button accepts donations from all credit and debit cards.

Causefunding has the power to change lives and inspire entire communities, and it starts with a click of a button.

Regular giving

Accept ongoing daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly donations from your supporters with our regular giving technology. Allow your donors to give regularly so you receive more funds, regularly.

Gift cards & vouchers

Choose from thousands of charities and hundreds of designs suitable for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Holidays, Memorials and Christmas. Your cards can be customised with text, logos and then emailed or printed at home for your supporters and card recipients.  Charity donation Gift Vouchers are a perfect gift. In lieu of flowers or gifts for any occasion, send a donation e-card or e-voucher.

SMS Giving

Want to promote your campaign to a larger number of potential donors? Why not activate SMS giving. Simply text a customisable phrase to 04XX XXX XXX and let your supporters donate through our mobile friendly platform.

Portfolio giving

Save time, save tax and save the world by raising funds for charities and causes close to your heart.

Charity portfolios make it very easy to support a range of different causes. Receive a single receipt for your tax return, while supporting multiple charities with a click of a button.

Pledge birthday

If it’s not a birthday with presents, then inviting your family & friends to join your birthday fundraising effort by donating to your charity in lieu of gifts – is much more worthwhile.

Get access to all of these tools